39th Everglades Bluegrass Festival
Friday 2/24/2017
Saturday 2/25/2017
Sunday 2/26/2017
  6:00pm  Matthew Sabatella
 and the Rambling
 String Band
10:00am   10:00am  Robinson Gospel Hour
  7:00pm  New River Boys 11:00am   11:00am  Corn Country
  8:00pm  Alligator Alley 12:00am  Old Time Jammers 12:00pm  Lilly Mountaineers
  9:00pm  Lilly Mountaineers   1:00pm  Cliff and Friends   1:00pm  Scattered Grass
       2:00pm  Lighthouse Porch Band   2:15pm  Pursell Family Band
      3:00pm  Palms Bluegrass   3:30pm  Lonesome Meadow
    4:00pm  Jacksonian Music Factory    
      5:00pm  Pine Island Express    
Emcee: Mike Robinson   6:00pm  The Other Guys    
Sound: Frank Falestra   7:00pm  Lilly Mountaineers    
      8:30pm  Special Consensus  
Performers and times are subject to change. Check the program at the festival to confirm schedule